Extra Sparkle! - We use Glass Gleam 3, a new state-of-the art formulation, designed specifically for the professional window cleaner. It out-performs any other cleaner available.
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We know there is a great deal of fluctuation when it comes to quotations so we have given you the opportunity to quote your own subject to travelling distance and verification.
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  • All prices are provided cleaning is on a regular basis.
  • One off cleans typically charged at 50% more.
  • Georgian and leaded windows carry an extra 20% because of the added time taken to clean these style of windows.
"Gutter cleaning" is an emotive term when some companies carry out this task from ground level using what can only be described as a hoover. We always get up close and personal with your grime and dirt being able to clean all upvc, very often leaving them rejuvenated back to their original shine.

If you live in close proximity to a railway line, please be aware that there is an electro static charge emitted from them which inturn degrades upvc firstly the shine is diminished then yellowy orange spotting can appear Unfortunately any amount of upvc restorer applyed will not do what it claims.

We can help you slow the process down by employing our services to never leave a window or door sill and surround uncleaned. 

Inside cleaning of windows is available however they are 50% more than the outside because a great deal of care is needed when solutions (Glass Gleam 3) are used within a premises and personal effects need to be moved.

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